These sessions have limited availability, so be sure to register 24-hours in advance. Athletes will compete and work with athletes of similar age and skill level. We will provide innovative programming that focuses on reactive drills to ensure RedZone QB’s are ready for any game-time situation. Our points of emphasis will be technique, footwork, reaction, progressions, scheme installation, and implementation, game simulation, pocket presence, pocket movement, pocket escape, play-action pass game, pre and post-snap reads, coverage recognition, group competitions, routes on air, 1 on 1‘s, 2 on 2’s, ½ and full-field skeleton drill, and 7 on 7’s.


The purpose of our private sessions is to provide a complete evaluation of all mechanics and technique. This will include throwing motion, upper and lower body technique, platform, footwork, all drops, sprint-out, play actions, player/team specific scheme implementation, and review. Private sessions are utilized as a supplement to group sessions for fine-tuning, evaluations, and technical and mechanical introductions and breakdown.


The purpose of our skill group sessions is to focus on developing the most versatile athlete possible. ALL Skill Positions are welcome. In today’s game players need to be able to catch and run the ball. We will use a myriad of innovative drills that focus on all aspects of being a skill player. From ball carrying, ball security, run techniques, routes, releases, screen game, blocking techniques, athletic efficiency, speed and agility drills, endurance, coverage recognition, 1 on 1’s, and a variety of competitions and challenges.


Our Quarterback and Skill group sessions typically will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. On Quarterback days receivers and skill players work for free, as they are not getting specific coaching, while quarterbacks are getting position-specific coaching. Vice versa on Skill days, quarterbacks work for free, while skill players are getting position-specific coaching.

Our Combo sessions can last anywhere from 75-120 minutes. All athletes in combo sessions pay for the session.

Our private sessions are 60 minutes long and are completely position-specific, on these days the player may be asked to bring a partner or two (for free) if needed to service their drills. A description of the session types are below, our website will be up this coming week with additional detail as well.